Are you planning to study in the UK this summer? There are many things you can do before embarking on your journey as an international student that may help ease you into UK life. Here are 5 great tips to consider when you study abroad in the UK

1. Find your program

The first thing should be to find a suitable program for you, if you are looking for an English course make sure you find a course adapted to your level but also in relation to the length of your stay, available on the dates of your travel. Once you find the suitable course for you, you can check the flights and plan your monies. gives you the best deals for any destination in the world!

2. Ensure that you have the correct visa & your travel documents are in order!

Check that your passport’s expiry date and check all the documents that you might need to travel. If you’re coming to study abroad in the UK from a country that is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA), then you’re currently covered under Free Movement. However you’ll need to apply for a European Health Insurance Card to entitle you to access to the NHS (National Health Service).

If you’re applying to study in the UK from a country outside of this area, you’ll need to make sure your student visa is obtained well in advance of your arrival. The easiest way to check this is to consult the UK visas and immigration page, or to speak to your course provider..

3. Do your research!

Researching the town that you’ll be living and studying in is incredibly important. Try to find some information about the culture, local customs and people. Check the currency and plan in advance how much you will need and where you can exchange your money. Use the internet to talk to others who are or have been in the same city as this could be very useful for tips, do’s and don’ts. This could also be a good way to meet new people. If you happen to be coming to study with The Language House this summer, here is the link to all the things you can do in Liverpool:

4. Flights and accommodation

This is another big point. It’s important that you check available flights and what is available for the date of your travels, and to find the right type of accommodation for you, whether you will stay at a student residence, in a shared flat or maybe look for a host family to immerse yourself in the language. Take into consideration your budget, the length of your stay and the level of independence that you want. You can always seek for advice when booking your course. Here, at The Language House we guide you through the whole process and help you with all your questions.

5. Pack your bags and have fun!

With your flights and accommodation booked, the luggage is the last thing stopping you from that great holiday. We know it feels like a chore, but if you follow our tips you’ll never have to worry.

  • Observe restrictions on baggage

  • Save bag space for all your holiday purchases

  • All valuables go in hand luggage

  • Don’t forget the adapters

  • Don’t predict the weather – check it (“English summer” is not a myth)


Bon voyage and enjoy the experience!

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