Updated: Feb 2, 2018

The younger your children are, the better it is to introduce them to a foreign language.

Teaching languages offers challenges with big rewards, specially when you work with children. Last week, we have the opportunity of going to primary schools and work with different groups from different ages. It was an amazing experience, and we would like to share it with you.

Children are enthusiastic and full of energy and hungry for learning.

The Language House offers Spanish and French Food Workshop, with a service of typical meals from Spain and France. The pupils interact with the camarero / garçon to try each food. Games and fun activities are taking place in order to try different kind of food and guess the ingredients.

If you want to cook some of these delicious recipes, have a look:

One of our most popular workshop is Spanish Art Workshop. During this workshop we teach very useful vocabulary as the colours or me gusta/no me gusta. We use pieces of arts of the most recognised artist in Spain: Picasso, Gaudi and Miró and explian the style of each artist. Then the pupils create their own master piece inspired by the different techniques seen previously.

But the top of the top is our Flamenco Workshop! Children wear some items used for dance, like skirts (falda), hats (sombrero), flowers (flores), fans (abanico) and much more. We teach them some moves of flamenco and a small choreography. They love it!

Do you want to learn how to dance flamenco, sevillanas...? Here you are some good Flamenco schools in England:

It is always a pleasure to work with children as they are the one to ask the right questions.

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