You may have not realised you have a language fan among your loved ones. Give it a think… there may be a hidden language enthusiast in the family, whose heart will sing once they unwrap a gift linked to their passion.

That’s why we have put together a selection of gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift…

1. A book

Reading is usually one of language lovers’ biggest pleasures. Whether it’s a book about the culture of a country, a travel guide or a cooking book to practice cooking recipes in the language of choice, you can never go wrong with a book!

2. Travel inspiration calendar or Language calendar

“Where to go when” all language learners dream of exploring the world without any restrictions, and there's nothing like a daily daydream to keep us going. At Random house direct you will find day to day calendars in French, German, Spanish an Italian with daily language tips.

3. A food hamper, a gourmet gift or a meal in an International restaurant

Edible gifts are an ideal gift solution for even the most difficult receivers. A hamper or gift of delicious foods shows your thoughtfulness, without spending hours shopping to find the right products. If you want to have an even bigger impact on the person why not head to "Côte" for a French food experience - Or if Spanish is the language of choice maybe go to a Tapas tasting experience in your city. Get some ideas from Virgin experience days.

4. A foreign language film or box set

We can recommend the following films and box sets for French and Spanish lovers:

French films - Le pianiste, Intouchables, Le fabuleux destin dʼAmélie Poulain, Chocolat, Astérix et Obélix : Mission Cléopâtre;

French series - Caméra café, Le Secret d'Élise, Kaamelott, Le village, Marseille, Plus belle la vie.

Spanish films- Palmeras en la nieve, Celda 211, Toc toc, 100 metros, Embarazados;

Spanish series - Sin identidad, La casa de papel, Sé quien eres, Narcos, Mar de plástico. and French series and films from 12-week challenge

5. Language tuition voucher

A private tutor is a great idea especially for learners who want to focus more on pronunciation. The tutor can assist in articulating the words, acquiring linguistic skills in specific learning areas and even offer extra motivation since learning happens real-time. Here at The Language House we offer French and Spanish language learning vouchers with 40% discount on the first 5 hours of tuition. Don’t miss out this great chance and head to our website to find out more!

* Offer ends 31/12/2018 - valid until 30/04/2019

Share with us your own favourite Christmas gifts for language lovers!

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