Christmas has gone, sadly... No time to look back on 2016. Do you want to lose weight and eat healthy? Read more books? Or work to improve your happiness? How about a New Year’s resolution that’s easier to keep? Learning a new language!

Learning a new language should be at the top of your list and making it your New Year’s resolution is a perfect way to kick start the year! 

1) It enhances your mental abilities Improving a language is related to the part of the brain responsible for memory and language processing. This means that getting outside of your comfort zone you will literally become smarter creating new neural connections in your brain.

2) You’ll become a better traveller From being able to read the menu to knowing when the cleaners in the hotel room are talking about you, being able to engage with what’s going on around you will add a new dimension to your holiday. Even if you’re not fluent in the local language, locals will appreciate that you’ve made the effort to connect in their tongue.

3) Get a better job Speaking a second language will give you a valuable advantage over your monolingual colleagues and competitors. You’ll be seen as having flexible and far-reaching communication skills, being a better decision maker, and having better perception and multitasking skills. Your second language will benefit you and your coworkers at home and internationally. Your ability to communicate with people that others in your organisation might not be able to engage with will help you advance in your career.

4) It will boost your self confidence Who does not feel more self confident when it is the moment to throw the weapons in a conversation? Being able to speak multiple languages when meeting people from different nationalities in a pub for example is absolutely an amazing feeling! If you are one that likes to impress people, you should go for it.

5) Discover You Can Do It! We have heard pretty much every excuse that people give for failing to learn a second language. Too old, not enough time, wrong genes... Whatever doubts you have, you really can learn another language. You could even hold your first conversation just in 12 weeks :).

"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way." Frank Smith

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