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Another successful year of summer courses at The Language House has now come to an end, and what a summer! Here's a flavour of what we've been up to over the last few weeks..

1. Nine weeks of intensive English courses!

Our intensive courses included this year three levels: A2 – B1 – B2 covering 16 hours of lesson per week. We have welcomed students from all around the world and made lots of new friends: China, Brazil, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Spain etc… All these nationalities learning and connecting together in one place and this is our reward. Our students told us that they particularly enjoyed the engaging style of teaching and having the opportunity to fully participate in their lessons. Our name is The Language House and wherever you come from, whatever your background is, we will try our best to make you feel here at home.

2. Our French and Spanish express courses

We are happy to have helped some new students to learn French and Spanish in our express courses. Learning a language in 4 weeks! Unbelievable! Well done to everyone who has completed this challenge and we will see you all in a few days for the next level!

3. Great results

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all our students and teachers for their hard work. You can be proud of what you have achieved and your dedication. At The Language House we like to create the perfect environment to help students reaching their goals and making new connections with people from different culture and nationalities.

More than 100 students came to our school this summer 2018 and we would like to tell all of them a big thanks for trusting us and for joining our community. Although we are sad to say goodbye, we are happy to have helped them to create some fantastic memories that will stay with them for a very long time

4.  Junior course

Four weeks with lots of enjoyable lessons including four exciting trips out! It has been a great success and we are grateful for meeting such a lovely group of young learners all from different countries. Our professional team designed a unique program that was suitable for their age group and educational needs, with classes oriented on four different topics: World Cultures and Travel – Health and Fitness – Nature and Environment – Science and Technology. We hope that some of the skills taught at our junior courses will last a lifetime, helping our students in their careers.

6. Fun activities

We have hosted parties and meetups along with the courses to help people to get to know other students from the school, and we are proud to say that this was a big success!

Some trips have also been organised including: a treasure hunt in Liverpool Sefton park, morning movies in Odeon Liverpool, a trip through the city along with a ferry journey or The Language House Olympics games which included tennis table, football and mini golf.

7. Accommodation

As every year we have provided accommodation for many of our students. Some of them stayed in one of the student accommodations we collaborate with and some others with our host families. We want to say a big THANK YOU to all these families for taking a student into their home and offering him or her the opportunity to share their family life.

8. Improvement

While preparing our courses we like to be creative and we are always trying to improve our teaching methods. All our teachers have worked really hard and not only in their lessons, but also helping students out of the classroom and creating an environment of enthusiasm at the school. We also appreciate the help of  two new teachers who covered Graeme and Eve’s lessons called Franky and Jessica. We are happy to announce that Jessica will continue working with us during this new academic year!

And now… what’s happening in September?

If you’ve enjoyed your time at The Language House  then it doesn’t have to end here. Many students decide to stay at our school after the summer for further study. Whether you want to continue studying with us or you are joining the school now, here are some news:

  • More groups, more classes for our English department

  • More teachers joining our team

  • Conversation group for French and Spanish

  • 12-week challenge for learning French and Spanish

  • More social event including meetup and conversation groups

  • More resources to make your learning experience more enjoyable

Stay tuned for that!

And check out our summer memories :)

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