Have you been learning a second language throughout the year with the final goal to use it on your holidays? Here are some tips to practise what you have already learnt and make the most of your experience while on holiday.

1. Get involved with the locals as much as you can. Check any events that are happening in the area. Put yourself out there, you can start asking for directions to places. Asking for advice about any events that are on while you are there, asking about the best places to eat, or simply by joining a group (Yoga classes, dance classes…).

2. Turn on the local TV, it’s a good idea to practise your listening skills and learn some vocabulary. Watching the news is also a good idea, whenever you have the change turn on the TV have it as background noise. It will help your listening skills.

3. Keep a little pad in your hand and write down new things that you learn along the way. When you get a chance, go over them, memorise them and practise them as soon as you get the opportunity.

4. Try to speak to people that don’t speak English. Ask people to speak to you in their language even if they’re fluent in yours. If they switch to your language, keep using theirs. Showing confidence about their language will make them want to help you practise.

5. Don’t be shy. It won’t be easy at first, but you have to really make an effort. Start making conversation from the day of your arrival (hotel, neighbours, taxi driver…). If you leave it for too long it will be harder to get started and you will get comfortable with people speaking to you in your language.

6. Entertain yourself like a local. If you don’t happen to be so lucky to be in the destination of your second language, tv shows and podcasts are a good option. Instead of lazing on the couch with an English language TV show, find a show or video in the language you want to learn. Search online for the most popular ones.

Now that you have all these tips, make the most of your experience!

If you happen to be traveling to Spain or France this year and need a little help boosting your second language, we are running an express 4-week course in both languages at The Language House in July and August, get in touch for more details and don’t miss out!

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