Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Around one in five people are planning to make language learning a goal for 2018, according to a poll commissioned by the British Council. (Read more)

It found that more than half (58%) of the 2,000 UK adults questioned believe that learning another language is a worthwhile resolution to make, while the same proportion agreed that it is more important than ever for people in the UK to make the effort to learn another language.

The survey also asked which language people would most like to learn, with Spanish (21%) the most popular answer, followed French (10%).

If you happen to be one of the mentioned above, here are some tips and tricks to pursue your new goal:

  • Be regular. As simple as setting aside 15-20 mins a day reading something in the foreign language of your choice, watching a video, listening to some music, practicing with a native speaker or even taking a lesson per week. Whatever way suits your schedule and level.

  • Make it fun. Make the learning experience fun and enjoyable. Join a course where you will meet people that share the same passion. Alternatively, text books and apps are a fun way to test and practice your knowledge.

  • Follow your interests. Whatever your passion, include it to the new language learning experience. Even if you understand very little at first, you’ll learn a surprising amount from context.

  • Make the language part of everyday life. If you’re learning Spanish, why not buy El País, or if you are more into French why not try with Le Monde, instead of your normal newspaper once a week? Or how about changing your smartphone language settings, or getting your sat nav to talk to you in a different language?

  • Allow yourself to be curious. A good way to pick up grammar is to ask yourself how you’d say things slightly differently, e.g. ‘How would I say ‘these cakes’ instead of ‘this cake’?’, or ‘If this is ‘I know’, how would I say ‘they know’?

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