Manage your English classes however and whenever you like

We have the solution for busy learners!

We are always looking to improve our services and help as much as we can our students. We like to give extra help to our English learners as being away from home could be quite difficult sometimes and we pull our hat to the ones who have this courage.

We came up with an amazing idea for students who have difficulties to combine work with English classes due to the price of the private tuition or the flexibility of the schools regarding class cancellation.

Let us introduce you to English class card, a new contract created by The Language House last September 2017.  A class card is basically a number of group classes that you can purchase and spend it in a specific period of time without having to pay for a full course, having to come to every single class or losing classes due to a schedule change.

We offer four packages:

- 10 hours to spend within a 1 month period for only £78

- 20 hours to spend within a 2 month period for only £145

- 30 hours to spend within a 3 month period for only £210

- 40 hours to spend within a 4 month period for only £275

With your class card, you can come to any group classes you'd like (according to your level) whenever you'd like! :) If you need some more information regarding that option, get in touch with us!

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