My experience learning languages

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"My name is Vincent and I am a language teacher and also a language learner.

I speak 3 languages and today I am going to talk about my learning language experience and I will give you some tips on how to learn languages.

I come from Vaux a small village in the North-East of France in the Lorraine region. Population: 800 people!

So, as you can imagine the idea of learning languages/travelling wasn’t really there.

My mother tongue is French, my second language is English, and my third language is Spanish.

When did I start learning foreign languages?

I learned how to speak French when I was a baby with firstly my mum and then with my environment.

Baby can learn any language because there are exposed to it all the time. (Keyword)

First, you learn sounds then words and sentences.

Babies are like mimes. They copy what they see and hear. (Keyword)

I started to learn English when I was 8 at primary school but interestingly, I started to learn with words and not sounds. Perhaps that’s why I have this amazing French accent.

I have been learning English for 21 years and I am still learning today.

I started to learn Spanish in Year 9. In France by the time you are 14 you have the option to learn 2 foreign languages and I chose Spanish, the first one being English.

I was very bad at languages at school because like many kids I didn’t understand the importance of it and the methods the teachers were using were not entertaining in my opinion. Plus, I tend to get bored very quickly so If the teacher didn’t catch my attention in the first 15 minutes It was game over for me.

When did I start improving my language skills?

I moved to the UK when I was 21 and I experienced how difficult it is to speak with native speakers. When you are learning a language with a language teacher, in a class or online after some sessions you start to get confident and you get used to the expressions used by your teacher however when you are in a foreign country, BOOM, you’ve got no clue what’s happening.

People don’t understand your accent and at some point, you can get completely stock as you have never learned languages before.

Well, I made huge improvements the first year I arrived as I was exposed to English every day and completely immersed.

What about Spanish? I made huge improvements when I started to date this incredible person who is now the mother of my little girl. This is probably the best way to learn foreign languages but today is not about flirting but is about learning languages.

So how did I learn those two foreign languages as I wasn’t meant to learn languages as I grew up in a close-minded environment: “Why do I need to learn languages I am going to live in France all my life is a waste of time ?”

Travelling and meeting people from all around the world really helped me to realise that France is not the centre of the world and there are so many interesting places to see and so many interesting people to meet.

Let’s move to the tips:

Well tips before you start learning languages:

1. Consistency

2. Patience

3. Self-confidence

4. Making mistakes

5. Goals

6. Practice

Tips when you are learning languages:

1. Make it fun

2. Mime others

3. Try, Try, Try

4. Experience unconformable moments

5. Who cares?

6. Immerse yourself as much as you can

7. You can learn not only with books and teachers but in your everyday life

8. Take online classes

9. Find a language partner: meetup

10. Just do it

Please share with us in the comments your learning language experience! Keep practicing! Keep learning!

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