Cocorico ! According to a new poll published on last Monday by language learning app BABBEL,FRENCH is the most seductive accent ahead of SPANISH and ITALIAN.

The French are certainly reproached with their difficulties in expressing themselves perfectly in the language of Shakespeare, but this does not seem to displease all.

Most of asked people from Australia, America and the south of Europe find the French accent impossible to resist.

Take a look at Emily Ratajkowksi's French Accent : HERE

Apparently, the come-hither condescension and fiery disinterest of the French tongue remains paradoxically erotic. It may be that French is sexy only because of its cultural appeal and also Paris is generally viewed as the capital of culture, cuisine, and couture. Other people say that French people are famously beautiful.

Dr. Nigel Armstrong a lecturer in French and sociolinguistics at the University of Leeds, said the reason foreigners find French sexy has little to do with the language itself:

“There’s nothing in the accent itself that has anything to do with it being considered sexy,”

“People, especially the British have this stereotypical view of sexy French women in Paris, the haute couture, the French cuisine and we consider them stylish people, and all this adds to their sex appeal, which is basically what makes their accent seem sexy."

Comment draguer en français | How to Flirt in French ? Here are some expressions that will hep you:

1. Je peux vous offrir un verre ?To offer to buy someone a drink

2. On peut se tutoyer ?Using tu will only bring you closer

3. T’as de beaux yeux, tu sais ? / “You have beautiful eyes.”

4. Vous êtes célibataire ? Mais comment est-ce possible ?“You’re single? But how is that possible?”

5. Vous venez souvent ici ?“Do you come here often?”

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