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In order to learn or to improve your language you can take advantage of any experience as watching foreign movies; listening to the radio, to music; reading books and of course travelling!

Today we chose to teach you more about geography. Having some cultural and historical knowledge of the language makes the learning process easier and enjoyable.

We are going to talk about a little region on the Atlantic coast of Spain between PAIS VASCO and ASTURIAS: CANTABRIA

It’s the 16th region of Spain with less than 600.000 habitants; it represents 1.3% of the Spanish population. This small area of 2,054 sq mi has, as capital, the famous city of SANTANDER.

Have you already lived in a dream? Go to spend some time in CANTABRIA where the culture dines with the tradition and where the history flirts with the geography.

The Cantabrian Mountains to the south, Picos de Europa to the southwest, and the Bay of Biscay to the north, make up the natural boundaries of Cantabria as well as its most remarkable geographical peculiarities.

Do you know that CANTABRIA is part of España Verde, is the name given to the Spanish northern seaboard exposed to the Atlantic Ocean. VERDE means green in Spanish: forest, prairies, rivers, lakes, fruit trees. This region is the greenest of Spain!

Do you know that CANTABRIA is the richest region in the world for archaeological sites from the Upper Paleolithic period, although the first signs of human occupation date from the Lower Paleolithic. The most significant site for cave paintings is that in the cave of ALTAMIRA, dating from about 37,000 BC and declared, along with nine other Cantabrian caves, as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

If you like to walk and the mountain, CANTABRIA is for you. Have a walk through the valley, the foothills and the subalpine plane to get some fresh air. Because there, there is no pollution, no cars, no motorbike, only you, the vegetations and the natural life. 

Do you know the Bay of Santander?

In CANTABRIA discover the most beautiful beach in Spain, very quiet, with white sand, very natural. Discover below some of the most famous beaches in Spain. 

BerriaComillasEl SardineroSan VicenteSantillana,...Check this out!

If you are a lover of Spanish food you have to try The cocido montañés, the most representative dish of Cantabrian cuisine, it’s a hot and heavy dishes whose origin was in the 17th century and it was cooked to fight against the cold and wet climate in the Cantabrian mountains.

The rabas are the snack most commonly consumed by the Cantabrians. It is a dish prepared from fried calamari breaded in flour, it can be found in many bars and restaurants.

Cantabrian pastries include the traditional Sobaos and Quesada Pasiega. Puff pastry is widely used, with different names in different part: Corbatas in Unquera and San Vicente de la Barquera, Polkas in Torrelavega, or Sacristanes in Liérganes

And of course, how can I forget to talk about the amazing Spanish language spoken in nice-sounding and melodic tones.

So tell us what  you think...?

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