Here you will find some frequently asked questions about applying to study languages at The Language House Liverpool

Frequently asked questions

How long is the course for?

At The Language House, all our French and Spanish courses run for 12 weeks. Our courses are design specificly to enhance your language skills after a 12-week period. Each hour and each week counts. The lenght of a course can be modifie due to a bank holiday or to the calendar year. Regarding our students who are learning English, we recommend to join a mimimum of 4 weeks and a mxium of 12 weeks before moving to a higher level. We know that every student is different therfore our team of teachers will advise them along the way.

Are they administration fee to pay?

Any new student at The Language House will be paying an administration fee of £15 from September 2017. These are charges for administration and other services such as maintaining student profile, registration for exams and any other extra help we can offer.

How long notice should I give to cancel my private lesson?

At The Language House, students will be charged for their lesson if they cancelled their 1-to1 class with less than 24 hrs notice.

If it is not the right level for me, would I be able to change to another group?

If a student feel that the level of the class is too low or to high, they will be able to change to another level without any extra charges.

What happens if I have a commitment and unable to continue with my course?

If any majeur commitment has came up: work, family, personnal issue... and if the student is not able to carry on with a course we would freeze their contract up to one year.

How long do I have to book my private classes before they expire?

From the date of the pruchase of a 1-to-1 package, students have exactly a year to spend their hours before they expire.

How do you assess my level?

A level test can be found on our "COURSES" page. You can simply click on "TEST YOUR ..." complete the test. The test will be automatically sent to us. After receiving your test we will correct it and reply with your level and the most suitable course for your needs.

Are the materials for the classes provided?

At The Language House the materials and the ressources will be provided for each class.

Where are the toilets?

One of the most common questions people asked ... :) The toilets are next to our kitchen on your right :D

Do you provide student accommodation?

Yes, we do provide with student accodommodation and host family (adults only) Our host family staying is £115 / week

Do you provide with host families?

Yes, we do provide with student accodommodation and host family (adults only) Our host family staying is £115 / week

Where are you based?

The Language House school is based on 42 Whitechapel, postcode L1 6DS. We are opposit the Metquarter main entrance in front of Carluccios restaurant. The school is based on the 3rd floor with lift access. The entrance of the bulding is a double glass door with our logo on it.

Can I try one lesson to see if the level suits me?

You have the possibility to try a class and you can pay for it whitout contracting the school. The price for a 2-hour English class trial is £14. The price for a 1/ 1/2 hour Spanish or French class trial is £12.

How can I book my seat on a course?

If you are looking to book a French or a Spanish course it can be done online. You will simply need to add your course to chart and procceed with the payment to finalise the registration. Regarding an English course the course will have to be booked at our office 24 hours before your starting date.

How can I pay for my course?

If you are booking a French or Spanish course the payment can be done online. You simply need to add your course to chart + the admin fee if you are a new student to The Language House. The payment can also be done over the phone: 0151 707 8909 Regaridng our English courses the payment will have to be done at the school or if you are unable to come directly to see us you can call us or an invoice along with our bank detials can be sent to you by email.

How long should I study before moving to an upper level?

Every student is different. The length of your course will depend on the progress made. For our English courses we strongly advise our students to join a course during a minimum of 8 weeks. Regarding our French and Spanish courses they are designed to be completed in 12 weeks.

What happens if I miss my class?

To be fair with all our students any missed class will not be recovered. If student misses to many days a possible change on its contract can be done.

Are the teachers qualified?

At The Language House all our teachers are native, experienced and qualified.

Are the teachers native?

At The Language House, all our teachers are native speaker.

I have encountered a problem during the payment process...

Your address or other card details did not match the address in the card company’s files for that card. This often happens when you move house but forget to tell the card company your new address. It can also happen if you don’t spell your address in exactly the same way that it appears on your card statement. The card will also be rejected (of course) if you type in the wrong number, wrong issue/expiry date, wrong verification code, or wrong 3D-Secure code.