Join The Language House Team

Would you like to become part of The Language House team? Are you interested in working in a multicultural and multilingual environment? At The Language House, we are always looking for exceptional, passionate teachers to join our team and help make The Language House better!

We know our courses are only as good as the staff we employ and so we make sure all our staff get the support they need to do a good job and have fun doing it. Our language school is a friendly place where you will feel part of a team and enjoy your work.



If you feel you have something to contribute to The Language House, we are always interested in hearing from you.

Please submit your resume with cover letter to Describe why you feel you would be a good fit to join our team at The Language House.


"Multilingual Environments enrich our understanding of others: Even if you're not bilingual, exposure to multiple languages improves the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and see the world from another perspective. Being a good communicator requires the ability to be a good listener, as well as, knowing how to interpret another person’s perspectives and different points of view. The researchers were surprised to discover that a person didn’t have to be bilingual to reap these benefits—simply being exposed to more than one language improved social communication skills."